Thursday, 9 February 2017

Two Sides to a Story - Maddie

Two sides of a story, you're not thinking or looking at something in one way. The way that people assume that a person of a certain religion, or from a certain place, is automatically an image or part of the stories you have heard about where they are from.

People should be ashamed. Ashamed of what humanity has turned too. Ashamed that we are teaching new generations, the people that are in charge of our future, that people can be seen, or are often seen, in one way. A way that is racist. Sexist. A way that eliminates the possibility that they are diverse and are not all the same. A way that assumes that they automatically are poor or have anything to do with what is happening on the news. This is disgraceful. We, need to change this.

I, myself, did not consider this until we watched the Ted talk in class. It has changed my perspective on the way people are viewed and even imagined. I have set myself a new goal. A goal to make sure that in the many days too come, I will not see anyone in one way. I am only just one person, but we need many more to change.

There will always be two sides too a story, and I will never forget that again.

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