Thursday, 9 February 2017

Two Sides To A Story - Ana.K

I think that having two sides to a story can be defined as sometimes stereotyping other people due to the way you perceived them when you first met. Through literature and media we have been exposed to stereotyping and cliches that have morphed into our reality. As Chimamanda Adichie explained in her speech, all of the characters in western books she read were blonde, white-skinned, blue-eyed and drank ginger beer. This was how Chimamanda wrote about the characters in her own stories until she discovered African literature.

I think that we all need to think about finding 'the African literature' in our life. The other side of everyone's story. The side you did not think about when you first were introduced to someone. The way you first perceived them. I know that we are probably all guilty of stereotyping or guessing someones personality before getting to know them. I guess that is just how are brains work now. We are trying to jump ahead of ourselves in order to label that person. It is just like how Chimamanda's American roommate assumed that she would not know how to speak English or use the stove.

Overall I think that sometimes we need to remind ourselves that anything essential is invisible to the eye.

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