Saturday, 11 February 2017

Two Sides To Every Story - Reilly

'Two sides to every story' means that there is almost always another way to see someone, other than the way you first perceive them. Sometimes you have to get to know them better in order to understand them and see their other side, rather than judging them from first impressions or based on things you have heard. This can also be related to how people who are close to you and people who aren't, see you in different ways.

Two sides to every story is related to stereotypes. The way we see someone or a group of people, which most of the time, is not the truth. We are raised hearing these cliches, without having the chance to figure out the other side to the story ourselves. We judge people too fast on the way they look or their religion. This makes it seem as if we are separated into groups based on race, gender, culture and sexuality. Essentially, as if we are not equal. Which is what we all should and need to be.

There are always two sides to a story, sometimes you need to read the story to discover the true meaning before you conclude that it is bad before you pick it up. The story is much deeper than to what meets the eye and therefore cannot be recognised without overlooking the stereotypes and finding the other side of the story, the right side.

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